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We have a new litter!!
Three puppies born on the 16th of November 2013 two dogs and one bitch.
Ch Liubice Crazy Diamond for Caoilta JW x Caoilta Kitkat
Cream dog available to a loving, permanent home, please email for more information
AND 2003, 2005, 2006 & 2008!
Home of Top German Spitz Mittel Puppy 2007 - 6 BPIB's - Floyd
Joint Top Canaan Dog 2007 - 5 Shows 4 BOB's - Dezi
Best Puppy in Show German Spitz Club Open Show 2007
Floyd & 2008 Heffa & Res Best Puppy in Show 2010 Odin
Breeder of GSBOC Best Puppy in Show 2010 Fen

We are located in Cambridgeshire, UK

This site is dedicated to my little sister Emer who was horribly murdered near her home in Ireland on the 8th of April 2005. The owner of the burnt out mobile home her body was found in is called John Griffin, he is from Galway in Ireland, hippy, scruffy, spliff head type, in his early 40''s and has a very distinctive tattoo like the one on the right on his throat. He was very well known to the Galway police, until he is caught there is a real chance of this happening to another innocent soul.

Let it flow
Let life flow
Let life flow in, let life flow out
Breath life, accept it as it is
Tides of the ocean flow
Phases of the moon wax wane
Nature breathes
Breathe life
It comes it goes
Listen to life, it knows
It starts, it ends
Learn from lessons
Feel what's right
Keep it simple
Spirit light.

Written by Emer on the 1st of March 2005 one month before she was murdered.



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